Martyn C Adams


Brighton composer

Martyn C Adams is a British composer based in Brighton, England. He has been composing for a variety of ensembles primarily British brass bands and piano. As a percussionist and pianist, he has played in many musical groups including brass bands, orchestras, rock bands and pit bands.

His brass band work has been well received by the British Brass Band community having had his pieces played by some of the leading brass players in the country. He enjoys writing music for media and was a finalist for the International Film Music contest in 2020 writing a soundtrack for the short film ‘Blue Karma’.

Being a drummer/percussionist, Martyn really appreciates the rhythmical aspect of music which is often seen in his compositions. Syncopation, odd time signatures and rhythmic modulation can all be found in his music.

In 2016, Martyn moved to Brighton and joined the New Music Brighton composer group which opened up the opportunity to compose for a number of different instrumental groups widening his understanding and appreciation for a different range of instruments.

The Chasing Tale....

'The Chasing Tale' is a new composition for Flute, Viola & Harp, which brings together beautiful melodies and energetic rhythms based on the Baião Brazilian music.

This piece was original written for Aurora Trio, who are regularly performing this music.

Beau Soir Ensemble are also entertaining their audience with this music