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Commission concert music

This page decribes the commissioning service offered by Martyn with transparent costing. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Why Commission Music Commission costs

Why Commission music?

Commissioning music is a great way to get something that is unique to you and your instrument(s). You can be as involved as you like, working with Martyn and providing feedback throughout the process. Do you want to tell a story, challenge your players, create music with a certain feeling or style, Martyn will work with you to come up with a brief that will best meet your desires.

Martyn is a versatile composer creating melodic, rhythmical music in many styles, please checkout his music and get in touch to start discussing music just for you.

What's the brief?

Martyn will work with you to best understand what you want.

Having a brief to work to is key to getting something you are happy with, however Martyn is equally happy to work with a minimal brief.

  • Tell a story
  • Create a mood/feeling
  • What style do you want?
Be involved

Get involved with the creative process at key touchpoints

  • Guide early ideas
  • Help refine the arrangement for the players
Get music that works

Early access to drafts for review and feedback

Post delivery tweaks

Commission costs

Various factors affect the cost of commissioning music and it can be daunting discovering how much a commission will cost.

The commission calculator below gives you a transparent view on how Martyn charges for sheetmusic commissions that are based on how much music needs to be created.

This costing is for original compositions, for arrangements of music by another composer, please get in touch to discuss the cost.



total cost

Discounted simplier music, although can still be just as challenging, this is aimed more towards ensembles with many beginners.

Grades 1 to 3


total cost

A typical composition will be at this level

Grade 4- 6


total cost

Looking for a real challenge and something to impress your audience!

Grades 7+

Concert Music Commission

Included in price

2 years to perform the music before publishing

2 years (at least) musical support, tweaks & refinements.

Virtual meetings

Face 2 face meetings/rehearsals where possible (price excludes travel expenses)

Concert Music Commission

Not included in price

A licence will be required for any public performances of the music, and this music shall be registered with PRS (UK) and a US PROs

Selling recordings of this music will require an MCPS licence, which is administered via PRS

Copyright/All Rights reserved remain with Martyn C Adams

The prices shown here were last updated in January 2024.