Martyn C Adams

Brass Band Week 2024 – High Octane reignited!

Back in 2010, having been playing in brass bands for over a decade, Martyn decided to compose his first brass band piece, which was originally called Hi Octane. With a love of cinematic music, Martyn created Hi Octane to be exciting to play and listen to, with great rhythms and melodies.

Composers need bands and bands need composers, which is why, as part of Brass Band Week 2024 Hi Octane, now called High Octane (for Brass Band) has been reignited and is being made available for free, for the next 12 months.

High Octane Brass Band arrangement has been improved, with new melodies and an exciting new ending, more befitting the title.

Brass Band Week is raising awareness of brass bands, whether that be encouraging new players or new audiences. It should also be about encouraging composers to create new music for brass bands.

So, if you play in a band, do seek out new composers and new music to play, with your help, their music can be brought to life and enjoyed by many.

If you are a concert goer, don’t shy away from unknown music.

Lastly, Martyn would like to thank all the brass bands that support and play his music.